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Funding for PIAkey was received from USDA-APHIS-PPQ-CPHST, MAF Bioseccurity New Zealand, University of California — Davis, and the Pacific Rim Research Program. Technical and development assistance was provided by Julia Scher (CPHST), Terrence Walters (CPHST), Matt Taylor (CBIT), Damian Barnier (CBIT) and 916 Designs.

Research assistance with specimen curation and imaging was provided by Anna Lam, Jasmine Joseph and Matthew Martinez.

Specimens were loaned or donated by Darren Ward, Disna Gunawardana, Paul Krushelnycky, Evan Economo and Phil Ward. Evan Economo also provided the video of Solenopsis invicta.

Thank you to everyone who has reviewed PIAkey and offered suggestions on how to improve it. Further comments, suggestions, or questions can be sent to Eli Sarnat (