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Fact sheets
  The list below includes links to fact sheets for all the flower genera in the interactive key, as well as image pages for all the genera of Common Flowers (indicated by an asterisk). It is sorted alphabetically by genus. Click on a genus name to see its page.
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  Genus Family  
  Aconitum Ranunculaceae  
  Agapanthus Amaryllidaceae (Liliaceae s.l.)  
  Allium* Liliaceae  
  Alstroemeria* Amaryllidaceae (Liliaceae s.l.)  
  Amaranthus Amaranthaceae  
  Ammi Apiaceae  
  Anigozanthos Haemodoraceae  
  Anthurium Araceae  
  Asclepias Asclepiadaceae  
  Aster Asteraceae  
  Astilbe Saxifragaceae  
  Astrantia Apiaceae  
  Atriplex Chenopodiaceae  
  Banksia Proteaceae  
  Bouvardia Rubiaceae  
  Bupleurum Apiaceae  
  Calendula Asteraceae  
  Callistephus Asteraceae  
  Carthamus Asteraceae  
  Celosia Amaranthaceae  
  Chamelaucium Myrtaceae  
  Cirsium Asteraceae  
  Clarkia Onagraceae  
  Consolida Ranunculaceae  
  Craspedia Asteraceae  
  Crocosmia Iridaceae  
  Curcuma Zingiberaceae  
  Delphinium Ranunculaceae  
  Dendranthema* Asteraceae  
  Dianthus* Caryophyllaceae  
  Echinacea Asteraceae  
  Echinops Asteraceae  
  Eremurus Asphodelaceae (Liliaceae s.l.)  
  Erica Ericaceae  
  Eryngium Apiaceae  
  Euphorbia Euphorbiaceae  
  Eustoma Gentianaceae  
  Forsythia Oleaceae  
  Freesia* Iridaceae  
  Gerbera* Asteraceae  
  Gladiolus* Iridaceae  
  Gomphrena Amaranthaceae  
  Gypsophila Caryophyllaceae  
  Helenium Asteraceae  
  Helianthus Asteraceae  
  Heliconia Heliconiaceae  
  Hippeastrum Amaryllidaceae (Liliaceae s.l.)  
  Iris* Iridaceae  
  Ixia Iridaceae  
  Kniphofia Liliaceae  
  Leucospermum Proteaceae  
  Liatris Asteraceae  
  Lilium* Liliaceae  
  Limonium Plumbaginaceae  
  Lysimachia Primulaceae  
  Mimetes Proteaceae  
  Moluccella Lamiaceae  
  Nerine Amaryllidaceae (Liliaceae s.l.)  
  Origanum Lamiaceae  
  Ornithogalum Hyacinthaceae (Liliaceae s.l.)  
  Phlox Polemoniaceae  
  Polianthes Agavaceae  
  Protea Proteaceae  
  Ranunculus Ranunculaceae  
  Rosa* Rosaceae  
  Rudbeckia Asteraceae  
  Sandersonia Colchicaceae (Liliaceae s.l.)  
  Scabiosa Dipsacaceae  
  Scilla Hyacinthaceae (Liliaceae s.l.)  
  Solidago Asteraceae  
  Solidaster Asteraceae  
  Strelitzia* Strelitziaceae  
  Syringa Oleaceae  
  Tanacetum Asteraceae  
  Telopea Proteaceae  
  Trachelium Campanulaceae  
  Triteleia Alliaceae (Liliaceae s.l.)  
  Tulipa* Liliaceae  
  Veronica Scrophulariaceae  
  Zantedeschia* Araceae