About this tool

Using this website

The BeeMD can be used to diagnose a honey bee hive problem and learn about honey bee health issues and in general, about bees and hives.

Major changes from the previous version of The BeeMD

  • The primary content of the original The BeeMD was a “Visual key” leading you on various pathways to a diagnosis.  The information and images from the site have now been transformed into a multi-access Lucid key that is more straightforward and includes image media to support selections.
  • In the original The BeeMD, what you are observing is called "conditions," and what is actually happening "diagnoses."  Here, we tend to call what you observe "signs" or "indications," and what is happening "conditions" or "diagnoses." Note though, that the word "condition" can have different meanings and is used in various ways throughout the tool.
  • Each diagnosis is now supported by an illustrated fact sheet that is descriptive and informative.
  • Many diagnoses are now illustrated with more and larger photos.

The BeeMD contains

  • A Lucid Interactive and easy-to-use identification key to honey bee conditions. Select features based on what is happening in your hive and view the possible matching conditions.
  • Fact sheets for each of the 102 diagnoses cover signs or indications, a description, similar conditions, and helpful resources.
  • An image gallery that allows users to filter images by hive location, bee life stage, and type of issue.
  • Supporting information on the castes of bees: worker, drone, queen, and brood; and about hives: comb issues, starting hives, and seasonal management.
  • An illustrated Glossary of bee- and beekeeping-related terms used throughout the tool.