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TortAI Information

About TortAI
All about Tortricids of Agricultural Importance, its purpose, and the authors. Also includes lists of material examined during creation of the keys and DNA Sequence Search Tool.

TortAI Android and iOS Apps
Tortricids of Agricultural Importance (TortAI) is available as a free Android or iOS App.

About the Tortricidae
A brief overview of the family Tortricidae.

A list of general tortricid references. Species-specific references are provided under individual fact sheets.

Acknowledgments of all the persons and organizations that made this project possible.

Copyright, citation, and disclaimers
Copyright notice, appropriate citation, and disclaimers for Tortricids of Agricultural Importance.

How to use TortAI

System Requirements
Click here for system/browser requirements for TortAI.

TortAI Adult Key - CAPS Program
Instructions and tips for using the adult key.

TortAI Larval Key - Port Intercepts
Instructions and tips for using the larval key.

DNA Sequence Search Tool
Information on the DNA Sequence Search Tool. Includes instructions and troubleshooting information.

Fact Sheets
Information on the fact sheets.

Identification Thumbnail Galleries
Information on the ID thumbnails and instructions for their use.

Screening Aids & Identification Guides

Screening aids and ID guides
Screening aids for adult tortricids, identification guides, and larval keys.

Useful Information & Links

Dissection guides
Illustrated instructions on how to dissect specimens, prepare genitalia slides, and remove specimens from sticky traps.

Tortricid publications
Publications resulting from this project. is the largest repository of tortricid information on the internet. Includes resources such as the Online World Catalogue of the Tortricidae and the Food Plant Database for the Leafrollers of the World (requires an Internet connection - opens in a new window).

  Tortricids of Agricultural Importance by Todd M. Gilligan and Marc E. Epstein
   Interactive Keys developed in Lucid 3.5. Last updated August 2014.