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Welcome to the Tortricids of Agricultural Importance website. The family Tortricidae contains approximately 10,000 species, many of which are considered serious pests. Here you will find comprehensive resources for identifying adults and larvae of tortricids that threaten agriculture in the United States. Pest species as well as common non-target species are covered in detailed fact sheets and interactive identification keys. In addition, a DNA barcode database allows for the confirm of identifications using COI barcode data.

To begin, click on one of the menu items in the middle of this page. You may also navigate directly to the keys page by clicking on the images at the right side of this page. Please visit the About TortAI page for information on how to use the keys, fact sheets, and other sections of the site. TortAI is also available as a free Android or iOS App.

  Tortricids of Agricultural Importance by Todd M. Gilligan and Marc E. Epstein
   Interactive Keys developed in Lucid 3.5. Last updated August 2014.