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DNA Sequence Search Tool

Before using the DNA Sequence Search Tool, please read the instructions: DNA search instructions.

Search strings can contain any of the standard nucleotide codes (A, G, C, T, and also N, R, Y, W, S, M, K, B, H, D, V). Sequences must be properly trimmed with primers removed and must be between 200-700bp in length. To minimize false positives, sequences should not contain an excess of ambiguous data (long strings of NNNNNs). Sequences are automatically verified when you click "Submit Query."

NOTE: The CD-ROM version of the DNA Sequence Search Tool is not compatible with the Google Chrome web browser. Example data is provided below to verify that your web browser is functioning correctly with the DNA Sequence Search Tool. Please make sure that your sequence does not have any line breaks or return characters at the end of lines.

Enter search string here:

To test the functionality of the DNA Sequence Search Tool in your web browser, download sample data here (opens in a new window): DNA_demos.txt.

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