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About Citrus Pests

Citrus is one of the most important commercially grown agricultural products in the United States. Additionally, many citrus varieties are backyard crop plants, providing important sources of food at a local community level. As a result, citrus is one of the most economically important groups of plants. Numerous insect pests threaten the citrus industry and backyard citrus trees through feeding damage, while other pests vector diseases that are potentially lethal.

Citrus Pests is aimed primarily at extension agents, inspectors, and other plant professionals with access to a light microscope and hand lens. It is designed to help users determine which type of citrus insect pest they have encountered by featuring an interactive key coupled with illustrated, descriptive fact sheets for each pest. Citrus Pests is intended to be used as a screening aid. For definitive species identification, specimens should be sent to an expert for verification.

Please see the How to Use page for detailed instructions on how to use the key. The image gallery has a filter, allowing the user to use certain terms such as insect order or life stage to sort through images in a more efficient manner. Several terms can be selected at the same time. The fact sheets give a detailed description of each pest or pest group and provide images. In the key, common language terms are used to promote user comprehension. However, to maximize value and validity, specialized entomological terminology may appear in the fact sheets and key. We have provided a glossary with links from the fact sheets. There is also an illustrated guide to insect morphology.

Citrus Pests is one tool among three, which together are intended to provide an accurate identification resource for pests and diseases of cultivated citrus in the United States. The three individual identification tools are: Citrus ID Edition 2, Citrus Diseases, and Citrus Pests.