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Fact sheet content

Citrus Pests incorporates two types of fact sheets. For each insect order, fact sheet topics are broad, with images showing a range of the representatives for that taxon on citrus. Species fact sheets have a more specific suite of topics and include images of all life stages as appropriate and/or available. The following information can be found within each fact sheet:

Scientific name: The most current accepted scientific name and authority

Other common name: Common name(s) used to identify the species

Distribution: Current known distribution of the species

Diagnostic Characteristics: Details the features that most easily support identification of the pest species of differentiate it from similar species

Similar Species: Identifies taxa that may easily be confused with the species of concern

Hosts: Known citrus and non-citrus hosts are provided

Host damage: Lists different types of damage inflicted by the species

Biology: Life history and description of the species

Comments: Any other important or relevant information to support identification of the species