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The taxonomic focus of this digital identification tool is two groups of Microlepidoptera: the tribe Gnorimoschemini (Gelechioidea: Gelechiidae) and the Leucinodes group of Crambidae (Pyraloidea). These two taxa include numerous species that feed specifically on Solanaceae and have economic importance. Macrolepidoptera (large moths) that feed on Solanaceae (principally Noctuidae and Sphingidae) are not covered, nor are the few other microlepidopteran specialists in other families. The commodity of focus is crops that belong to Solanaceae, such as tomato, pepper, potato, and tobacco. The geographic and faunistic foci are 1) native or naturalized species in Florida and the Gulf Coast of the United States and 2) important or easily confusable exotic species, which may enter by trade or natural dispersal. If you suspect you have detected a species of concern, submit the sample to a professional diagnostic service, such as the USDA or a state or local department of agriculture.