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System Requirements

In TortAI you will find interactive keys designed to aid in the identification of tortricid pests and non-targets. The interactive keys were developed using Lucid technology. Lucid3 software for creating and using interactive identification keys was developed by Identic in Brisbane, Australia. Visit the Lucidcentral website for more information on Lucid and Lucid3.

The interactive Lucid keys have recently been upgraded (February, 2018) to run as Lucid Javascript applications. This allows the keys to run on any web browser. Use of the keys (and the rest of the TortAI web pages) requires Internet access and a Javascript-enabled web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. TortAI has been successfully tested on the following web browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 9.X, 10.X, 11.X
  • Firefox 23.X, 26.X
  • Chrome 31.X
  • Opera 15.X

The main TortAI window is 800px wide and is optimized to display best on screens 1024px or wider. This resolution covers all modern computer monitors as well as many portable devices. Most tablet computers and smart phones are able to view the web pages and keys in "normal" browser mode. TortAI is also available as an Android or iOS App.

NOTE: Some web pages, such as fact sheets attached to items in Lucid interactive keys, may be considered pop-ups by certain web browsers. If your browser or an add-on application is set to block pop-ups, you may not be able to view all of the content on these pages. To take full advantage of the information presented in this Lucid tool, please consult your web browser or add-on application's help file for assistance in disabling pop-up blockers.

  Tortricids of Agricultural Importance by Todd M. Gilligan and Marc E. Epstein
   Interactive Keys developed in Lucid 3.5. Last updated August 2014.