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TortAI Lucid Keys

Two interactive Lucid3 keys are provided below to assist with the identification of tortricid adults and larvae. If this is your first time using the keys, please read the instructions on the following pages:

TortAI Adult Key - CAPS Program - Instructions and tips for using the adult key.

TortAI Larval Key - Port Intercepts - Instructions and tips for using the larval key.

Please read before accessing the keys:

  • Features (characters) may be selected in any order. Do not guess when selecting a feature state. If you are not confident with choosing a state, move to another feature.

  • Use the "Best" function with caution! The keys will function more efficiently if you manually select characters that you are familiar with instead of using "Best." Exclusive use of the "Best" function may not result in a successful identification because of important characters that are automatically skipped.

  • When using the larval keys check the setae on both sides of the larva, since asymmetry is possible. If asymmetry does exist, use the highest number of setae when navigating the keys.

  • If all entities (taxa) are discarded during the keying process it is possible that: 1) the taxon is not in the key, 2) the specimen is damaged (e.g., from trap or bad fluid preservation of larva), 3) a character state was not observed by the authors, and/or 4) an interpretation error was made when using the key.

  • It is very difficult to positively identify many tortricid larvae using only morphological characters. Users should be aware of the limitations of the keys and are advised to consult an expert whenever an identification is in question.

The keys contain a large number of images and may take time to load on some systems. After clicking on a key please be patient as it loads.

TortAI Adult Key - CAPS Program
TortAI Larval Key - Port Intercepts

  Tortricids of Agricultural Importance by Todd M. Gilligan and Marc E. Epstein
   Interactive Keys developed in Lucid 3.5. Last updated August 2014.