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Port Interception Target - Larva

Cydia kurokoi (Amsel) (Tortricidae: Olethreutinae: Grapholitini)

Fig. 1: Male

Fig. 1: Male

Fig. 2: Female

Fig. 2: Female

Fig. 3: Male genitalia

Fig. 3: Male genitalia

Fig. 4: Female genitalia

Fig. 4: Female genitalia

Adult Recognition

FWL: approx. 10 mm

Forewings are light gray and brown. The distal one-third of the wing is marked with a dark-brown to black subtriangular patch that surrounds the ocellus. Hindwings are grayish brown.

Adults may appear similar to other species of Cydia, including the European Cydia splendana. A dissection can be used to confirm identity.

Larval Morphology

Late instar larvae are whitish with a yellow-brown head and prothoracic shield. Abdominal pinacula are dark and conspicuous.

Other tortricid Castanea pests include Cydia fagiglandana, Cydia glandicolana, Cydia splendana, Fibuloides aestuosa, and Pammene fasciana. Brown and Komai (2008) provide a description and key to larvae of these species. Cydia kurokoi larvae can be distinguished by the following characters: whitish abdomen with darker pinacula; D2 pinacula fused to each other on A9; all three L setae on same pinaculum on A9; distance between V setae on A9 greater than on A8; 25-35 crochets on abdominal prolegs; anal comb absent. 


Cydia kurokoi completes one generation per year. Adults are present in August and September.

Larvae tunnel into and feed inside chestnuts. Overwintering occurs in leaf litter as a late instar.

Host plants

This species is a pest of chestnuts in Japan. Larvae have also been recorded on Quercus.

Family Genus/species Common name
Fagaceae Castanea crenata Siebold & Zucc. Japanese chestnut
Fagaceae Castanea mollissima Blume Chinese chestnut
Fagaceae Castanea seguinii Dode Seguin's chestnut
Fagaceae Castanea Mill. chestnut
Fagaceae Quercus acutissima Carruth. sawtooth oak
Fagaceae Quercus L. oak


Cydia kurokoi occurs in China, Korea, and Japan.


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