Molecular and morphological identification of Southeast Asian xyleborine beetles

The Xyleborini are the largest tribe within the Scolytinae (Coleptera: Curculionidae). The tribe also includes some of the most destructive ambrosia beetle pests. In addition, Xyleborini includes more invasive species than any other group of Scolytinae. Interestingly, most of the species that are both pests and invasive are originally from Southeast and East Asia. Southeast Asian Ambrosia Beetle ID provides morphological and, when available, molecular support for identification of this important group of pests. Detailed diagnostic information, including sequences and images, are presented in fact sheets for each genus and species represented. An interactive Lucid key allows you to narrow the possible matches for your specimen based on morphological characters. A comprehensive, filterable image gallery is also included, offering an image-based option to find the pest fact sheet you're looking for.