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ITP maintains an ongoing collection of IDaids: websites and web-based tools that support identification of plant pests of concern to PPQ. Each IDaid is thoroughly reviewed and evaluated to ensure it has value and is from a reputable source. This collection of over 5,000 vetted IDaids includes both web- and app-based image galleries, keys, fact sheets, screening aids, pest alerts, molecular identification tools, and more. All groups of plant pests are represented. You can Search IDaids by scientific or common name and filter by keyword.
ITP's IDaid data (descriptive information and links to the IDaids) are available for use in websites and other media by plant regulatory organizations and government agencies that share PPQ's plant protection goals. Contact ITP about using IDaid data.

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Taxonomy and morphology

Video tutorials

A collection of advanced taxonomic training videos are available for important pest groups. Many of these videos were produced in 2013 through a cooperative agreement between the University of Florida and USDA PPQ National Identification Services (NIS). The project was funded through the Farm Bill Section 10201, and the videos are aimed at PPQ identifiers, state and university taxonomists, and others who may find the information useful in learning to identify various important pest groups. Slide-making tutorials are also available.

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Imaging webinars

A collection of entomology and botanical videos and presentations focusing on diagnostic imaging. These provide guidance for specimen selection, positioning, lighting techniques, and background color selection.

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Morphology diagrams

Here you can find diagrams of important body parts and structures for identification of a variety of pest groups. These diagrams are from a variety of sources, including ITP's identification tools.

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Bugwood ITP Node

Each ITP ID tool includes hundreds or thousands of high-quality images produced by taxon experts. The Bugwood ITP Node is the easiest way to gain access to these images for re-use in a variety of ways. All original images from each tool are uploaded via a customized backend (IDpic) to the ITP Node on, where this growing collection of tens of thousands of images is easily accessible. You can also find ITP-produced images from a variety of musuem collections here.

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