The authors wish to thank Terrence Walters of USDA/CPHST for his patience and understanding during development of this wood boring beetle family tool.

Dr. Umesh Kodira and the California Department of Food and Agriculture, Plant Pest Diagnostics Center enabled Drs. Cline and Bellamy to perform parts of this research at the Meadowview complex. Dr. Ivie acknowledges the contribution of the Montana State Agricultural Experiment Station.

Several institutions supplied specimens that formed the basis for the coding and imaging of many taxa within the key: California State Collection of Arthropods, Montana Entomology Collection, and Smithsonian U.S. National Entomological Collection.

A number of individuals and institutions kindly allowed use of their copyrighted images: The adult and larval line drawings of Lymexylidae are reproduced herein with permission from Dr. Quentin Wheeler and the American Museum of Natural History; Ian Foley supplied the adult photographs of Zopheridae; the Entomological Society of America gave permission to use two drawings of Oedemeridae from Rozen, 1958; and Jon and David Peterson granted permission to use drawings of Cerambycid and Oedemerid larvae from Peterson, 1951.

Megan O'Donnell expertly assisted in the production of many adult and larval photographs. Dena Paris gave valuable advice regarding web page design, and some elements from her designs were adapted for web pages in this tool.

Stephen Bambara, Nigel Bell, Julieta Brambila, Ian Foley, Esther Serrano, Michael Thomas, George Venable and two anonymous reviewers reviewed and beta tested the Family tool, providing helpful suggestions that increased the tool's overall value; their dedication and insightful comments are much appreciated.

Matthew Taylor and Damian Barnier of the Centre for Biological Information Technology (CBIT) were consistently helpful and responsive to questions and problems related to publication and hosting of the Family tool on CBIT's site.


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