Molecular and morphological identification of Phytophthora species based on the types and other well-authenticated specimens

IDphy was developed to facilitate accurate and efficient identification of Phytophthora to species, using type specimens from the original descriptions for reference wherever possible. IDphy emphasizes species of high economic impact and species of regulatory concern for the U.S. IDphy includes molecular and morphological tools to aid in identification of the 161 culturable species of Phytophthora described as of May 2018. As of August 2022, the site is being updated to include all 212 published valid species.

Tools to support molecular identification include sequence vouchers for ITS rDNA, COI, and five additional genes, as well as protocols and SOPs for DNA extraction, PCR, electrophoresis gels, and sequence-based identification. All voucher sequences in the fact sheets are from the types or other selected well-authenticated specimens.

Morphology-based support includes an interactive Lucid key; a tabular key; over 160 fact sheets drawn from the type specimens whenever possible; an image gallery with over 1000 images of phylogenetic trees, morphological features, and disease symptoms; and protocols for isolation, growth, sporulation, and storage.