About the Resource

Wood boring beetles can cause extensive damage and have a considerable economic impact on timber, lumber, structural products, decorative materials, and other forestry products. Many members of this group are serious pests that may be easily transported in wood or wood products used for packing and shipping. In many cases, the larval stage may cause as much or more direct damage than the adult life stage through its feeding activities. Immature stages of wood boring beetles can even complete development and emerge as adults after the commodity has arrived in the U.S.

As globalization continues, the necessity to accurately and efficiently identify beetles derived from these sources will rise. A Resource for Wood Boring Beetles of the World provides a portal for a variety of websites related to the identification of members of the nine beetle families collectively known as wood boring beetles. The resource focuses on those beetle taxa that are known to bore into and develop within sound wood. This resource allows quick, efficient access to a number of Lucid tools with keys, images, and fact sheets to help support identification of this diverse, potentially destructive group of beetles. For more information about the wood boring beetle resource, or to link to one of the other tools, please click here.