About sawflies


The insect order Hymenoptera is one of the most species rich groups of insects, and is traditionally divided into two suborders: Symphyta and Apocrita. The suborder Apocrita includes the well-known wasps, ants and bees, exemplified by traits like stinging, pollinating and eusociality. Symphyta - the sawflies - is a paraphyletic group of 14 extant families that represents the oldest evolutionary branches of the order. North America is home to genera from 12 of those families.

Below are two cladograms to assist in understanding superfamily and family-level relationships within the Hymenoptera:

phylogenetic relationships of the two suborders and select superfamilies of Hymenoptera
phylogenetic relationships of the two suborders and select superfamilies of Hymenoptera
phylogenetic relationships of select families of Symphyta
phylogenetic relationships of select families of Symphyta

At this time, Sawfly GenUS does not address genera that occur only south of the United States/Mexico border. This list is adapted from Taeger et al. 2010, Prous et al. 2014, Taeger et al. 2018, and Prous et al. 2019 and is presented in alphabetical order.

Symphyta genera of North America north of Mexico

Superfamily Anaxyleoidea
Family Anaxyelidae
Subfamily Syntexinae
Syntexis Rohwer, 1915
Superfamily Cephoidea
Family Cephidae
Subfamily Cephinae
Caenocephus Konow, 1896
Calameuta Konow, 1896
Cephus Latreille, 1803
Trachelus Jurine, 1807
Janus Stephens, 1829
Phylloecus Newman, 1838
Superfamily Orussoidea
Family Orussidae
Subfamily Ophrynopinae
Kulcania Benson, 1935
Ophrynon Middlekauff, 1983
Ophrynopus Konow, 1897
Subfamily Orussinae
Orussus Latreille, 1797
Superfamily Pamphilioidea
Family Pamphiliidae
Subfamily Cephalciinae
Tribe Cephalciini
Acantholyda Costa, 1894
Cephalcia Panzer, 1803
Subfamily Pamphiliinae
Tribe Neurotomini
Neurotoma Konow, 1897
Tribe Pamphiliini
Onycholyda Takeuchi, 1938
Pamphilius Latreille, 1803
Superfamily Siricoidea
Family Siricidae
Subfamily Siricinae
Sirex Linnaeus, 1760
Urocerus Geoffroy, 1762
Xeris Costa, 1894
Subfamily Tremecinae
Eriotremex Benson, 1943
Tremex Jurine, 1807
Family Xiphydriidae
Subfamily Xiphydriinae
Xiphydria Latreille, 1803
Superfamily Tenthredinoidea
Family Argidae
Subfamily Arginae
Arge Schrank, 1802
Subfamily Atomacerinae
Atomacera Say, 1836
Subfamily Sterictiphorinae
Aproceros Malaise, 1931
Aprosthema Konow, 1899
Neoptilia Ashmead, 1898
Ptenos Norton, 1872
Schizocerella Forsius, 1927
Sphacophilus Provancher, 1888
Sterictiphora Billberg, 1820
Zynzus D.R. Smith, 1992
Family Cimbicidae
Subfamily Abiinae
Abia Leach, 1817
Subfamily Cimbicinae
Cimbex Olivier, 1791
Trichiosoma Leach, 1817
Family Diprionidae
Subfamily Diprioninae
Diprion Schrank, 1802
Gilpinia Benson, 1939
Neodiprion Rohwer, 1918
Zadiprion Rohwer, 1918
Subfamily Monocteninae
Augomonoctenus Rohwer, 1918
Monoctenus Dahlbom, 1835
Family Pergidae
Subfamily Acordulecerinae
Acordulecera Say, 1836
Family Tenthredinidae
Subfamily Allantinae
Tribe Allantini
Allantus Panzer, 1801
Macremphytus MacGillivray, 1908
Taxonus Hartig, 1837
Tribe Empriini
Allantunicus D.R. Smith, 1997
Ametastegia Costa, 1882
Aphilodyctium Ashmead, 1898
Empria Lepeletier & Serville, 1828
Haymatus D.R. Smith, 1979
Monostegia Costa, 1859
Monsoma MacGillivray, 1908
Phrontosoma MacGillivray, 1908
Somanica D.R. Smith, 1979
Tribe Eriocampini
Dimorphopteryx Ashmead, 1898
Eriocampa Hartig, 1837
Pseudosiobla Ashmead, 1898
Subfamily Blennocampinae
Tribe Blennocampini
Apareophora Sato, 1928
Ardis Konow, 1886
Claremontia Rohwer, 1909
Eupareophora Enslin, 1914
Monardis Enslin, 1914
Monophadnoides Ashmead, 1898
Periclista Konow, 1886
Tribe Lycaotini
Blennogeneris MacGillivray, 1923
Lycaota Konow, 1903
Tribe Phymatocerini
Ceratulus MacGillivray, 1908
Eutomostethus Enslin, 1914
Lagonis Ross, 1937
Monophadnus Hartig, 1837
Paracharactus MacGillivray, 1908
Phymatocera Dahlbom, 1835
Rhadinoceraea Konow, 1886
Stethomostus Benson, 1939
Tribe Tomostethini
Tethida Ross, 1937
Tomostethus Konow, 1886
Tribe Waldheimiini
Halidamia Benson, 1939
Waldheimia Brulle, 1846
Subfamily Heterarthrinae
Tribe Caliroini
Caliroa Costa, 1859
Endelomyia Ashmead, 1898
Tribe Fenusini
Bidigitus D.R. Smith, 1967
Fenella Westwood, 1839
Fenusa Leach, 1817
Fenusella Enslin, 1912
Metallus Forbes, 1885
Nefusa Ross, 1951
Profenusa MacGillivray, 1914
Prolatus D.R. Smith, 1967
Scolioneura Konow, 1890
Setabara Ross, 1951
Tribe Heterarthrini
Heterarthrus Stephens, 1835
Subfamily Nematinae
Tribe Cladiini
Cladius Illiger, 1807
Tribe Nematini
Adelomos Ross, 1935
Anoplonyx Marlatt, 1896
Caulocampus Rohwer, 1912
Craterocercus Rohwer, 1911
Euura Newman, 1837
Fallocampus Wong, 1977
Hemichroa Stephens, 1835
Hoplocampa Hartig, 1837
Nematinus Rohwer, 1911
Nematus Panzer, 1801
Pristiphora Latreille, 1810
Tribe Pseudodineurini
Kerita Ross, 1937
Pseudodineura Konow, 1885
Unplaced in tribe
Susana Rohwer & Middleton, 1932
Subfamily Selandriinae
Tribe Adelestini
Adelesta Ross, 1937
Tribe Aneugmenini
Aneugmenus Hartig, 1837
Birka Malaise, 1944
Eustromboceros Rohwer, 1911
Nesoselandria Rohwer, 1910
Stromboceridea Rohwer, 1911
Tribe Dolerini
Dolerus Panzer, 1801
Prionourgus Goulet, 1986
Tribe Heptamelini
Heptamelus Haliday, 1855
Tribe Selandriini
Brachythops Curtis, 1839
Tribe Strongylogastrini
Eriocampidea Ashmead, 1898
Strongylogaster Dahlbom, 1835
Thrinax Konow, 1885
Subfamily Tenthredininae
Tribe Macrophyini
Deda Gibson, 1980
Macrophya Dahlbom, 1835
Pachyprotasis Hartig, 1837
Tribe Perineurini
Leucopelmonus MacGillivray, 1916
Tribe Sciapterygini
Filacus Smith & Gibson, 1984
Zaschizonyx Ashmead, 1898
Tribe Tenthredinini
Lagium Konow, 1904
Rhogogaster Konow, 1884
Tenthredo Linnaeus, 1758
Tribe Tenthredopsini
Aglaostigma W.F. Kirby, 1882
Superfamily Xyeloidea
Family Xyelidae
Subfamily Macroxyelinae
Tribe Macroxyelini
Macroxyela W.F. Kirby, 1882
Megaxyela Ashmead, 1898
Tribe Xyeleciini
Xyelecia Ross, 1932
Subfamily Xyelinae
Tribe Pleroneurini
Pleroneura Konow, 1897
Tribe Xyelini
Xyela Dalman, 1819