Tabular key

The tabular key is a supplement to support morphological identification of Phytophthora species after working with the Lucid key. It contains the same 161 species covered by the Lucid key and the molecular analyses. The tabular key is organized by the position of the species in the ITS rDNA phylogenetic tree of the ex-types and well-authenticated species; the tree contains 10 clades and 25 sub-clades (see Fig 3 in the Molecular protocols). The tabular key is also organized by the characters of the asexual phase (sporangium, proliferation, sporangiophore, hyphal swellings, and chlamydospores); sexual phase (oogonia, antheridia, oospore); colony morphology in V-8, PDA and MEA; and temperature requirements.

Tabular key (PDF)
Tabular key legends (PDF)