Phytophthora aysenensis

Name and publication

Phytophthora aysenensis M. Zapata, M.C. Asenjo & M. Gut. 2020

Zapata M, Asenjo MC, Gutiérrez M. 2020. Phytophthora aysenensis. Fungal Planet 1103. Persoonia 44: 139 in Crous et al. Fungal Planet description sheets 1042–1111. Persoonia 44: 301–459.





name refers to the Aysén Region of Chile where this species was collected


Type: CHILE, Aysén, on collar rot and stem of Aristotelia chilensis (Elaeocarpaceae), 26 Sept. 2016, M. González, holotype RGM 2753

Ex-type: culture CCCT 19.159

Sequences for ex-type in original manuscript:  ITS MN557838, cox2 MN557841, NAD9 MN557842, RSP10 MN557843, β-tubulin MN557840, LSU MN557839

Molecular identification

Position in ITS phylogenetic tree

Clade 2b

Morphological identification

Colonies and cardinal temperatures

Colony morphology cottony with no pattern on CA.

Conditions for growth and sporulation

Sporangia produced on non-sterile soil extract. Oogonia are formed in single culture on CA after 7 days.

Asexual phase

Sporangia were papillate, persistent and predominantly ovoid in shape. Sporangia averaged 47 x 31 µm (overall range 26–74 x 20–47 µm). Sporangiophores loose sympodia. Hyphal swellings absent. Chlamydospores absent.

Sexual phase

Homothallic. Oogonia smooth-walled, size ranged from 26–40 µm. Oospores plerotic, size ranged 25–39 µm. Antheridia amphigynous.

Most typical characters

Morphologically similar to other species in Clade 2b such as P. glovera and P. mexicana.

Additional specimen(s) evaluated

CHILE, Aysén, on collar rot and stem of Aristotelia chilensis (Elaeocarpaceae), 26 Sept. 2016, M. González, RGM 2816

Hosts and distribution

Distribution: Chile
Substrate: root and collar
Disease note: root and collar rot of Aristotelia chilensis
Host: Aristotelia chilensis

Additional references and links

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Fact sheet author

Treena Burgess, Ph.D., Phytophthora Science and Management, Harry Butler Institute, Murdoch University