Meet our author team

  • Dr. Gloria Abad
    Dr. Z. Gloria Abad

    USDA APHIS PPQ S&T Beltsville Lab

    Gloria is a Senior Plant Pathologist at the Beltsville Lab and Adjunct Professor at Pennsylvania State University. She is an expert in oomycetes with an emphasis in Phytophthora taxonomy and nomenclature.

  • Dr. Treena Burgess
    Dr. Treena Burgess

    Murdoch University, Western Australia

    Treena is an Associate Professor in Plant Sciences and the Director of the Centre for Phytophthora Science and Management at Murdoch University, Australia.

  • Dr. John Bienapfl
    Dr. John C. Bienapfl

    USDA APHIS PPQ S&T Beltsville Lab

    John is a member of the Mycology Section at the Beltsville Lab. He has expertise in diagnostics of a wide range of plant pathogens, with an emphasis on Phytophthora species.

  • Amanda J. Redford
    Amanda J. Redford

    USDA APHIS PPQ S&T Fort Collins Lab

    Amanda coordinates tool and app development with the Identification Technology Program (ITP) at the Fort Collins Laboratory.

  • Dr. Michael Coffey
    Dr. Michael Coffey

    University of California Riverside

    Mike is a professor of plant pathology at UC Riverside. He is the curator of the World Phytophthora Genetic Resource Collection.

  • Leandra Knight
    Leandra Knight

    USDA APHIS PPQ S&T Beltsville Lab

    Leandra is a member of the Mycology Section at the Beltsville Lab. She has supported the work of Dr. Gloria Abad for IDphy from 2016-2018.

Unless otherwise noted, all web page content, photographs, illustrations, and other documents for IDphy were produced by Gloria Abad and Treena Burgess. Gloria Abad contributed the tabular key and the Lucid key. John Bienapfl contributed to the glossary. Molecular work was done by Gloria Abad, supported by John Bienapfl and the Mycology Section Team at the S&T Beltsville Laboratory. Michael Coffey contributed by selecting and providing specimens from the World Phytophthora Genetic Resource. Amanda provided project support, website development, and editorial assistance.

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For questions about access or functionality, please contact Amanda Redford (amanda.j.redford at