Monk Skipper

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Scientific name

Asbolis capucinus (Lucas)




Adults: Wingspan 3.8-6.4 cm; forewing and hindwing dark brown with essentially no distinct markings, however, female may have 2 pale elyptical spots on forewing; antennae clubbed, male with a black stigma.

Larvae: Length greater than 2.5 cm; body smooth and greenish in color; body markings with small black dots; head larger than prothorax.

Diagnostic features

Adult: Forewings dark brown with rufous edge at base with essentially no markings; male has a black stigma.

Larvae: Head larger than prothorax.


Native: Cuba

Introduced: United States (Florida). Species now ranges from Central to South Florida.


Palms: many genera

Other: none

May be confused with

Ventral, solid dark color flecked with light scales, and light colored wing fringes, along with its large size differentiate it from the Palatka Skipper.

Additional comments

Caterpillars feed on mature leaves and fold fronds to make a nest. South Florida and Florida Keys have numerous generations per year. Central Florida has 3-4 generations per year.

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