Parmacella ibera




Parmacella ibera Eichwald, 1841

Common Name

Melon slug, Vine slug


This slug is often mistaken for a snail as the shell is often exposed. This thick-walled shell is very narrow with a smooth apex. The shell of this species does not coil (possess whorls). It typically has a brownish yellow color with many tubercles and wrinkles in the aperture (opening). The body of the animal is brown with dark brown bands running the length of the mantle. The animal is generally 32 mm long. The mantle covers most of the body and can measure up to 20 mm.

Native Range

Mediterranean region (Iberian peninsula)



Asia: Georgia, Armenia, Iran

Africa: Egypt, Libya


This slug is a serious pest of citrus in Iran. It may also cause damage to field-grown tomatoes, cabbage, melons, pumpkins and cucumber. This species will go into diapause during the warm season and will deposit eggs as deep as 50 mm below the soil surface.


  • Parmacella olivieri var. ibera Eichwald, 1841
  • Parmacella olivieri sensu Simroth, 1883 non Cuvier, 1804
  • Parmacella simrothi Germain, 1912
  • Clathropodium vitrinaeformis Westerlund, 1897


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