Limax cinereoniger




Limax cinereoniger Wolf, 1803

Common Name

Ash-grey slug, Black keel-back slug


This species can attain a length of 300 mm when fully mature. The color of this species is variable. It may be pale grey or light brown to jet-black, except for the tan to white stripe that runs from the posterior edge of the mantle to the tip of the tail. The pneumostome (breathing pore) is located in the posterior half of the mantle. The keel also occurs near the tip of this species.

Note: L. cinereoniger has an obvious tripartite sole (the center of the foot is pale and the margins dark) whereas; L. maximus has a uniformly white sole. Also, a pale tan to white stripe runs down the back of L. cinereoniger, but it is absent in L. maximus. Also, juveniles of L. cinereoniger may be confused with adult L. maximus due to their uniformly colored sole.

Native Range

Northern Europe and the Mediterranean region




This species generally comsumes algae and mushrooms and should not be considered a pest. This species occurs in woodlands and is not commonly intercepted.


  • Limax antiquorum Ferussac, 1819 (part)


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