Bulimulus spp.




Bulimulus diaphanus fraterculus (Potiez and Michaud, 1835)

Bulimulus guadalupensis (Bruguiere, 1789)

Common Name

Bulimulus diaphanus fraterculus: Clear bulumulus

Bulimulus guadalupensis: The Guadaloupe snail, West Indian bulimilus, Snubnose sculpin


Bulimulus diaphanus fraterculus: This species will measure up to 18 mm high and 8 mm wide.

Bulimulus guadalupensis: The thick, opaque shell of this species does not exceed 24 mm in height. The apex of the shell is off-white to brown in color. There may be one or two faint or three strong brown stripes following the whorls of the shell. There may also be a thin, white, spiral stripes.

Native Range

Lesser and Greater Antilles


North America:

  • U.S.: Florida

Caribbean: Throughout e.g., Saint Martin; Saint Barts; Saint Kitts; Barbuda; Antigua; Guadeloupe; Les Saintes, Dominica, Puerto Rico, Jamaica


Bulimulus diaphanus fraterculus:

  • Helix (Cochlogena) fraterculus Ferussac, 1821
  • Bulimus fraterculus Ferussac, 1835
  • Bulimulus diaphanus

Bulimulus guadalupensis:

  • Bulimulus exilis
  • Bulumulus guadalupensis
  • Helix exilis
  • Thaumastus exilis


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