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Common names: campodeids, japygids, diplurans

Probability of encounter: low

Quarantine importance: no known importance. 

Similarity to mites: none other than small size.  Japygids and their relatives may be confused with earwigs (Insecta, Dermaptera) and campodeids could be confused with silverfish (Insecta, Thysanura).


Normal adult length
: 3-28 mm
Body tagmata: head, thorax, abdomen
Eyes: absent
Antennae: many segmented, moniliform, often with trichobothria on some segments
Mouthparts: entognathous, mandibles (sometimes with pectinate lamellae); maxillae; maxillary palps; labial palps vestigial
Legs: 3 thoracic pairs
Respiration: thoracic and abdominal spiracles
Distinguishing features: long moniliform antennae; long, many segmented pair of cerci or single-segmented pincer-like cerci; eyes absent

Diversity: ca. 800 species in 7-9 families.


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