Microlepidoptera on Solanaceae



Sceliodes Guenée, 1854

Type species: Sceliodes mucidalis Guenée, 1854


  • Daraba Walker, 1859
  • Eretria Snellen, 1880


Sceliodes consists primarily of the two species treated here, S. cordalis and S. laisalis, which respectively are distributed in Australia-New Zealand and Africa. A species in Madagascar, S. raondry (Viette), is not reported to have economic importance.

Sceliodes is closely related to Leucinodes: they share a similar wing pattern as well as the shape of the valvae and the homologous location of the fibula (in Leucinodes there often is a second fibula emerging from the distal sacculus).

The African species, Sceliodes laisalis, is sometimes cited in the genus Daraba Walker. Meyrick (1933) differentiated Daraba from Sceliodes based on its rounded (not conical) frons and the shape of the palpi in laisalis. Since these characters vary in the Leucinodes group and S. laisalis shares a greater number of features with S. cordalis, such as wing pattern and genitalia, we recognize the synonymy of Daraba with Sceliodes.


Meyrick, 1933.