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Krishnankutty, S., J.L. Scher. 2020. TingID. USDA APHIS S&T Otis Lab and USDA APHIS Identification Technology Program (ITP). Otis, MA. [date of access] <>


Some of the glossary definitions were adapted from the E-Fauna BC Insect Glossary and from Froeschner 1996.

Image credits

Images on the home page were taken by the following individuals:

  • Corythucha sp.: Joseph Berger,
  • Corythucha ciliata: Fabio Sterjulc, Università di Udine,
  • Stephanitis pyri: Ferenc Spéder, Flickr
  • Stephanitis takeyai: Ab. H. Bass, Saxifraga
  • Stephanitis pyri nymphs: Ferenc Spéder, Flickr


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