Adult grasshopper content

The authors thank Dr. Robert Pfadt for the use of the grasshopper glossary, fact sheets, and associated images during the construction of this key. We also thank Terrence Walters for help in the construction of this tool. In addition, we thank Stephen Johnson for spearheading this work. We owe special thanks to Julia Scher, who devoted a great deal of time helping with the images. We also thank Jim Thurman and Tony Joern for providing thorough reviews of the previous edition.

Nymphal content

Jim Thurman would like to thank Pat McPherran, Lisa Peraino, and Mike Winks for their approval, encouragement and assistance in the creation of this key. He would also like to thank Terrence Walters, Julia Scher, and Amanda Redford for their expert technical assistance in preparing this key for publication. Thanks to John Gerhardt, Justin Gentle, Boone Herring and Chris Reuter for using and testing various versions of this key. Thanks also to Scott Schell for contacting Dr. Pfadt before he passed away and letting him know about this key. Scott reported that he was happy to know that his work was being continued. There are many others who have offered advice and encouragement during this process, and he apologizes if he has left anyone out, but he sincerely appreciates the assistance of all.