About this tool

About the fact sheets

Name and publication: Indicates the most current accepted scientific name for the taxon along with the corresponding publication.

Description: Describes the part(s) of the plant that are represented in dried botanical products.

Nativity and distribution: Indicates the native range of the plant along with the current known distribution.

Family: The currently accepted family of the taxon.

Synonomy: A list of common synonyms, if applicable.

Fact sheet updates

Several fact sheets were updated in January 2020 to correct mistaken identifications. The following specimens of Eucalyptus were corrected:

Eucalyptus pimpiniana were corrected to be from E. robusta.

Eucalyptus saligna were corrected to be from E. grandis.

Eucalyptus pyrophora were corrected to be from E. todtiana.

The authors thank Tony Bean, Plant Taxonomist at the Queensland Herbarium, Brisbane Botanic Gardens, in Queensland, Australia, for bringing these corrected species identifications to our attention, and providing the content for the correct species.