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Sweet Oranges (Navel)




Citrus aurantium [var.] sinensis L.; Aurantium sinensis; Citrus aurantium Lour. (non L.); C. aurantium Risso (non L.); C. aurantium [var.] vulgare; C. aurantium [var.] dulce Hayne. (sec. Swingle and Reece 1967)

Cultivar or taxon


Citrus x aurantium L., pro sp. [Sweet Orange Group] (sensu Mabberley 1997, Bayer et al. 2009); Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck (sensu Swingle and Reece 1967; sensu Tanaka sec. Cottin 2002)



Crown compact or dense, not weeping. First year twig surface glabrous; second or third year twig surface striate; thorns absent or not persistent or straight; prickles absent or not persistent. Petiole glabrous, length short or medium, wings absent, if present, narrow, medium or wide, adjoining the blade. Leaflets one, margin entire, crenate/crenulate or bluntly toothed, shade leaflet blades flat or weakly or strongly conduplicate, sun leaflet blades flat, weakly or strongly conduplicate. Leaflets sweetly orange-like or spicy or peppery (?) when crushed. Fruit as broad as long or longer than broad, rarely broader than long, rind yellow (7-10), yellow-orange (11), orange (12), red-orange (13), rarely green-yellow (6), rind texture smooth (1-3), slightly rough (4-5), medium rough (6-7) or rough (8), firmness leathery, navel absent or present, flesh orange or red/purplish-tinged, taste acidic-sweet.



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