Osmia quadricornuta


Family: Megachilidae
Subfamily: Megachilinae
Tribe: Osmiini
Genus: Osmia Panzer, 1806
Subgenus: O. (Osmia) Panzer, 1806
Species: Osmia quadricornuta Wu, 2004
Common name: none


Osmia quadricornuta are black bees with a blue or bronze-green metallic luster (Wu 2004). Females have erect golden-yellow hairs on the basal part of the clypeus, gena, vertex, and scutum. T1 is covered with long yellow-brown hairs, and T2T5 are covered with long black-brown hairs (Wu 2004). In males, the paraocular area and clypeus are covered with dense white hair intermixed with a few black hairs, the vertex and the upper part of the gena have black to brown hairs, T1T5 have yellow apical bands, and the discs of T2T5 are covered in thin black hair (Wu 2004). Female body length is 11–12 mm, and male body length is 9 mm (Wu 2004).



Host associations 



Osmia quadricornuta specimens have been recorded in Yunnan province in China (Wu 2004).

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