Osmia mutensis


Family: Megachilidae
Subfamily: Megachilinae
Tribe: Osmiini
Genus: Osmia Panzer, 1806
Subgenus: O. (Osmia) Panzer, 1806
Species: Osmia mutensis Peters, 1978
Common name: none


Osmia mutensis is only known from the female holotype. Female O. mutensis are black bees with a greenish metallic hue, which is most noticeable when looking laterally at the bee. O. mutensis has whitish-yellow hair on the head, thorax, and abdomen, with dark hair interspersed on the frons and vertex (Peters 1978). Female body length is approximately 13 mm (Peters 1978). Male of O. mutensis is unknown.

Diagnostic characteristics 

  • Clypeus with the apical margin straight, entire, and somewhat thickened medially.
  • Mandible without cutting edge between inner teeth.
  • Mouthparts much smaller than the length of the entire body when extended.
  • Propodeum dull and matte medially.
  • Scopa reddish-yellow.

May be confused with 

O. mutensis females are similar to O. kohlii and O. fedtschenkoi in the shape of the mandibles, which lack a cutting edge between the two inner teeth. O. mutensis can be easily differentiated from these species by the simple, straight apical edge of their clypeus (Peters 1978).



Host associations 


Nesting behavior 



Osmia mutensis is known only from western Turkey (Özbek 2013).

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