Family: Megachilidae
Subfamily: Megachilinae
Tribe: Dioxyini
Genus: Allodioxys Popov, 1947
Subgenera: None
Common name: None


Allodioxys range in body length from 6–11 mm. They have a black head and thorax, and their abdomens can range in color from black to nearly entirely red (Michener 2007)


Allodioxys contains 4 species (Michener 2007); none are known to occur in the U.S. or Canada.

Diagnostic characteristics

(Characteristics modified from Michener 2007)

May be confused with

Allodioxys may be confused with Ensliniana due to similar shape of the scutellum; however, Ensliniana lacks the curved spine on the posterior lateral angle of the scutum and a median tooth on the metanotum (Michener 2007).  

Known invasives

There are no known invasives.

Host associations

Allodioxys are cleptoparasites; however, their hosts are unknown.

Nesting behavior

Nesting behavior is unknown.


Allodioxys occurs in Israel, Algeria, and Libya (Michener 2007).

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<p><em>Allodioxys </em>aff.<em> ammobius</em> female face, photo: C. Ritner</p>
Allodioxys aff. ammobius female face, photo: C. Ritner
<p><em>Allodioxys </em>aff.<em> ammobius</em> female lateral habitus, photo: C. Ritner</p>
Allodioxys aff. ammobius female lateral habitus, photo: C. Ritner
<p><em>Allodioxys </em>aff. <em>ammobius</em> female abdomen, photo: C. Ritner</p>
Allodioxys aff. ammobius female abdomen, photo: C. Ritner
<p><em>Allodioxys </em>aff<em> ammobius </em>female S6, photo: C. Ritner</p>
Allodioxys aff ammobius female S6, photo: C. Ritner