Family: Megachilidae
Subfamily: Megachilinae
Tribe: Osmiini
Genus: Xeroheriades Griswold, 1986
Subgenera: none
Common name: none


Xeroheriades is a slender bee with dense white hairs on the thorax, a distinct rusty-red abdomen, and white hairs on the marginal bands. They range in body length from 4.5–7 mm (Michener 2007).


Xeroheriades contains one species, X. micheneri, which is restricted to the U.S. (Michener 2007).

Diagnostic characteristics

(modified from Griswold 1986b unless otherwise stated)

May be confused with

Both Heriades and Chelostoma have similar slim profiles to Xeroheriades, but neither of them possesses the reddish abdominal coloration of Xeroheriades (Griswold 1986b), and both have simple sterna in the female without the modifications to S1 and S6.

Known invasives

There are no known invasives.

Host associations

Floral associations are unknown.

Nesting behavior

Nesting behavior is unknown.


Xeroheriades micheneri is found in isolated mountainous areas of the eastern and southern Mojave Desert in southern California (Griswold 1986; Michener 2007).

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<p><em>Xeroheriades micheneri</em> male face, photo: C. Ritner</p>
Xeroheriades micheneri male face, photo: C. Ritner
<p><em>Xeroheriades micheneri </em>male ​lateral habitus, photo: C. Ritner</p>
Xeroheriades micheneri male ​lateral habitus, photo: C. Ritner
<p><em>Xeroheriades micheneri </em>male ​abdomen, photo: C. Ritner</p>
Xeroheriades micheneri male ​abdomen, photo: C. Ritner