Family: Megachilidae
Subfamily: Megachilinae
Tribe: Osmiini
Genus: Afroheriades Peters, 1970
Subgenera: none
Common name: none


Afroheriades are small black, coarsely punctate bees that range in body length from 4–8.5 mm. Two species groups are present in Afroheriades: the Afroheriades primus species group and the A. larvatus species group. Species in the former have a robust body form, whereas those of the second group have slender and elongate bodies (Michener 2007).


Afroheriades have 5 described species and at least 3 undescribed species worldwide (Griswold and Gonzalez 2011; Michener 2007); none are known to occur in the U.S. or Canada.

Diagnostic characteristics

(modified from Michener 2007 unless otherwise stated)

May be confused with

Afroheriades is most similar to Pseudoheriades; however, they differ in that Afroheriades has a rounded pronotal lobe and omaulus, and the males lack a mid-apical spine on S3 (Griswold and Gonzalez 2011). Afroheriades can be separated from all other Osmiini by the combination of characters above.

Known invasives

There are no known invasives.

Host associations

Floral associations are unknown.

Nesting behavior

Nesting behavior is unknown.


Afroheriades are only known from South Africa (Michener 2007).

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<p><em>Afroheriades</em> female face, photo: C. Ritner</p>
Afroheriades female face, photo: C. Ritner
<p><em>Afroheriades primus</em> male lateral habitus, photo: C. Ritner</p>
Afroheriades primus male lateral habitus, photo: C. Ritner
<p><em>Afroheriades primus</em> male abdomen, photo: T. Brady</p>
Afroheriades primus male abdomen, photo: T. Brady
<p><em>Afroheriades primus</em> male T6 and T7, photo: C. Ritner</p>
Afroheriades primus male T6 and T7, photo: C. Ritner