About this tool


Exotic Bee ID was designed and developed specifically as a screening aid to support identification of non-native bees. This tool is aimed primarily for individuals working at ports of entry, state departments of agriculture, and with university extension services, but others with an interest in bees may also find Exotic Bee ID useful. This is a multi-year project that currently contains information and identification resources for the bee genera within the family Megachilidae (leaf cutting bees, mason bees, carder bees), select exotic and native bees from Osmia (Megachilidae), Megachile (Megachilidae), Anthidium (Megachilidae), Ceratina (Apidae), and bees in the genus Apis (honey bees, family Apidae). The next editions will include select exotic and native bees from Pseudoanthidium (Megachilidae) and Xylocopa (Apidae). We have focused on these groups as they include the majority of bees that have already been introduced to, or have the high potential to invade, the U.S.