Scientific name

Limosella L.

Common names




Native distribution


Species cultivated

Limosella aquatica L. is rarely cultivated

Adventive distribution


Weed status

not weedy


emergent, floating, or submerged marsh herb

Brief description

Very small, tufted rosette plant. Stems compact and stoloniferous, glabrous. Leaves usually basal, sometimes in opposite fascicles; emergent or floating, petiolate (length highly variable); leaf blade linear, elliptic or ovate; margin entire. Flowers axillary, solitary; pedicellate or sessile, small, white, pink, or purplish; calyx campanulate, lobes typically 5, short; corolla campanulate to rotate, lobes 5, ovate, oblong or rounded; stamens 4.

Natural habitat

in and along marshes, ephemeral pools, ponds, streams, and lakes

Additional comments

All species in the genus (about 10) are amphibious to aquatic. Among them leaf shape is highly variable, from linear and erect to an elliptical blade on a very long linear petiole, as seen in species with floating leaves.