Scientific name

Actinoscirpus (Ohwi) R. W. Haines & Lye

Common names

giant bulrush, greater club-rush



Similar genera

Cyperus, Juncus, Schoenoplectus

Native distribution

India to southeast Asia, China, Japan, Malaysia, northern Australia

Species cultivated

Actinoscirpus grossus (L.F.) Goetgh. & D.A. Simpson

Adventive distribution

information not available

Weed status

sometimes considered invasive


inundated to emergent sedge

Brief description

Perennial. Stolons long, often with a small tuber at the apices; culms sharply triangular, sides concave, smooth or slightly roughened, septate, spongy. Leaves basal; ligulate; sheaths spongy, with prominent cross-veins, yellowish; leaf blade linear, keeled below, apex acute, base sheathing, margin scabrous, venation parallel. Inflorescence terminal, a compound anthela (similar to a panicle); involucral bracts 3-4, leaf-like, exceeding inflorescence; spikelets numerous.

Natural habitat

in inundated places and shallow waters, ditches, pools, marshes, swamps, paddy fields; often forming a large community

Additional comments

Actinoscirpus grossus is the sole species in this genus.