Scientific name

Aciotis D. Don



Native distribution

Neotropical; restricted to tropical America, southern Mexico and the Lesser Antilles to central Bolivia and southeastern Brazil

Species cultivated

Aciotis acuminifolia (Mart. ex DC.) Triana is mainly available through hobbyists and rarely commercially available.

Adventive distribution


Weed status

not weedy


amphibious herbs to subshrubs

Brief description

Annual or perennial; typically stoloniferous. Stems ± square, sometimes with conspicuous wings; glabrous or with glandular trichomes. Leaves opposite, decussate, petiolate; leaf blade ovate to elliptic or oblong; apex acuminate to obtuse; base attenuate to cordate; margin serrulate; venation parallel with 3-7 main lateral veins. Inflorescense a cyme, panicle, or thyrse. Flowers actinomorphic; sepals 4, apically free and basally connate; petals 4, free, white to pinkish, terminal glandular trichome often present. Stamens 8, anthers white to purple.

Natural habitat

disturbed habitats, wetlands, creeks, and swamps; less often in primary forests or dry sandy areas

Additional comments

A genus of about 15 species. Vegetative portions of submersed specimens are glabrous.