Authors and acknowledgements


Melissa Islam, Colorado State University

Ashley Miller, Colorado State University

Madeline Maher, Colorado State University


Amanda Redford, USDA APHIS PPQ ITP

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This tool is built upon resources from several other tools: Family Guide for Fruits and Seeds, Federal Noxious Weed Disseminules of the United States, and Table Grape Weed Disseminule ID. We thank the authors of these tools and their collaborators. We are grateful to the International Seed Morphology Association for providing illustrations for the key and glossary, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and South Australian Seed Conservation Centre, Botanic Garden of South Australia for providing images of fruits and seeds, and to Peter F. Stevens (Missouri Botanical Garden) for allowing us to use the Angiosperm Phylogeny Website distribution maps.

We thank the beta testers for their helpful comments and suggestions: Keith Clancy, Norma Diaz, Michael Kirkpatrick, Julie McIntosh Shapiro, Jennifer Neudorf, Matthew Sewell, and an anonymous reviewer.