Useful ID Aids for pests and diseases of corn

Here is a selected set of five ID Aids from ITP's vast collection that are particularly helpful for identifying pests and diagnosing diseases of the important commodity corn (maize). This set, which includes ID Aids from several foreign countries, indicates the importance of corn and the pest problems faced internationally, which can impact the U.S.

Ontario CropIPM: Sweet Corn

Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs, Canada

Fact sheet collection and keys. Available in English and French.

Panorama Fitossanitário: Cultura do Milho (Culture of Corn)

Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation, South America

Fact sheet collection, image gallery, key, and map collection; in Portuguese.

Doctor Maiz (Maize Doctor)

International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT)

Keys and fact sheets ("Pests & Diseases" and "Production Problems"), and image galleries. Available in English and Spanish.

A Guide to Upland Cropping in Cambodia: Maize

Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, Australia

Fact sheet collection; available in Khmer (under "Related Publications").

Guide to Good Crop Protection Practices: For Baby and Sweet Corn (Zea mays)

Committee Liaison Europe-Africa-Caribbean-Pacific (COLEACP)

See Section 1 for pests and diseases identification information. Available in English and French.