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Antkey Mobile

Sep 07, 2017

This Lucid Mobile app includes a key and fact sheets for identifying invasive, introduced, and commonly intercepted ants from across the globe.
Android (on Google Play)
iOS (on the App Store)


Nov 02, 2012

Antkey is designed for non-specialists and includes over 115 ant species that are introduced, invasive, or commonly intercepted in the U.S. Features include an interactive key, fact sheets, a searchable media collection, video clips, a fully illustrated glossary, a searchable database of introduced ant literature, and more.

PIAkey - Invasive Ants of the Pacific Islands

Dec 11, 2008

PIAkey (Pacific Invasive Ant key) is an electronic guide designed to assist users to identify invasive ant species commonly encountered in the Pacific Island region. The guide covers four subfamilies, 20 genera and 44 species, and includes a key, fact sheets, videos, comparison charts, and a glossary.