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alutaceous :

engraved fine reticulation, smoother than coriaceous

antennal club :

the broadened, flattened end of antenna, in Xyleborini comprised of three segments

anterior :

in front of the body or body part

armature :

any kind of conspicuous cuticular projections, teeth, large tubercles, etc., usually refers to elytral declivity

asperities :

flat denticles


carina :

elevated edge with sharp appearance, sharper than costa; often referring to the edge surrounding the elytral declivity

coriaceous :

skin-like, rugged texture, individual grains of the mosaic discernible under regular binocular microscope

costa :

elongated edge, not necessarily with sharp appearance


declivity :

The downdward slope at the end of elytra, the "rear end" of a beetle. Morphologically extremely variable in Xyleborini.

disc, elytral :

the upper stretch of elytra between elytral bases and the sloped elytral declivity

disc, pronotal :

the flat, upper-most part of pronotum, usually clearly distinguishable from the frontal slope of pronotum


elytral disc :

the upper part of elytra, usually flat or slightly convex, (or concave is rare species), often with different surface or structures than the sloped elytral declivity

emarginate :

concave margin, with an impression; the opposite of straight or convex margin


posterior :

at the end of body or body part

pronotal disc :

the upper part of pronotum, usually flat, often with distinctly different surface than the sloped frontal part of pronotum

protibia :

tibia of the first pair of legs


rugose :

covered with granules or tubercles, rough surface


serrations :

row of asperities (flat teeth), a saw-like structure 

shagreened :

dull surface, smooth but not shiny, individual grains of the surface not apparent under regular binocular microscope

subquadrate :

almost quadrate, with oblique corners

sulcus :

elongated elevated swelling, usually along the side of elytral declivity, larger than costa and not at all sharp

summit :

highest point, used for pronotum and elytra, denotes the peak between pronotal frontal lsope and disc, and between elytral disc and declivity


tubercle :

small point on a cuticle, usually robust, bearing a hair, in terms of size it lies between smaller granules and larger denticles or teeth


vestiture :

body hair or setae