Taxonomic history

Xyleborus gravelyi Wichmann, 1914: 411.

Euwallacea gravelyi (Wichmann): Saha and Maiti, 1996: 815.


Xyleborus barbatomorphus Schedl, 1951a: 72. Smith et al. 2020b: 240.

Xyleborus ovalicollis Eggers, 1930: 193. Saha and Maiti, 1996: 815.


4.6−5.7 mm long (mean = 5.21 mm; n = 8); 2.6‒2.75 times as long as wide. This species is distinguished by its large size and elongate form; protibia less distinctly triangular than E. destruens, and with 7−9 denticles in apical half; elytral declivity commencing at about mid-point, evenly curved from disc into declivity, the declivity usually appearing flat in lateral view.

May be confused with

Euwallacea destruens


Bhutan, China (Yunnan), India (Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, West Bengal), Laos, Myanmar, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam

Host plants

polyphagous (Saha and Maiti 1996)

DNA data

specimens not available for sequencing