Taxonomic history

Pseudoxyleborus cylindrotomicus Schedl, 1939b: 40.

Xyleborus cylindrotomicus (Schedl): Schedl, 1942c: 6.

Xylosandrus cylindrotomicus (Schedl): Wood, 1989: 177.

Amasa cylindrotomica (Schedl): Dole and Cognato, 2010: 525.


Xyleborus semitruncatus Schedl, 1942c: 35. Schedl 1951a: 79; Wood 1989: 177.

Xyleborus truncatellus Schedl, 1951a: 79. Kalshoven 1959a: 95.

Xyleborus jucundus Schedl, 1954a: 138 (new name for Xyleborus truncatellus Schedl, 1951 nec Schedl 1949). Kalshoven 1959a: 95.


2.1 mm long (n = 1); 2.00 times as long as wide (Sittichaya et al. 2019). This species can be distinguished by its minute size, stout form with the pronotum approximately as long as the elytra; elytral declivital surface shagreened, dull, glabrous; and antennal club type 5.

May be confused with

Amasa opalescens


Indonesia (Java, Sumatra), Thailand

Host plants

Recorded from Syzygium aromaticum (Myrtaceae) (Sittichaya et al. 2019).

DNA data

specimens not available for sequencing