Heteroborips Reitter, 1913: 79.


2.50−4.00 mm long, 2.20−3.25 times as long as wide. In this region Heteroborips is distinguished by the distinctive elytral mycangium appearing as a distinctly impressed area immediately adjacent to the scutellum on each elytron.

May be confused with

Xyleborinus and Xyleborus


Distributed throughout Europe and temperate Asia including the Himalayas. One species is introduced and established in USA (Hoebeke and Rabaglia 2008).

Gallery system

The gallery system of Heteroborips is unique among xyleborines and lies wholly between the bark and wood (Mandelshtam et al. 2019).


The genus was considered a synonym of Xyleborus for many years. It was recently resurrected and reviewed by Mandelshtam et al. 2019.