Taxonomic history

Xyleborus sunisae Smith, Beaver & Cognato 2020 (in Smith et al. 2020b): 379.


2.7−2.75 mm long (mean = 2.73 mm; n = 4); 3.24−3.38 times as long as wide. This species is distinguished by its elongate form, the presence of denticles or granules on all declivital interstriae, including interstriae 2, the widening of declivital interstriae 1 from the base of the declivity to the apex; declivital striae not impressed; posterolateral margin of declivity costate and bearing a row of spinose granules to interstriae 7; and discal interstriae with punctures much finer than strial punctures, very widely spaced.

May be confused with

Xyleborus muticus



Host plants

recorded only from an unidentified species of Fagaceae (Smith et al. 2020b)

DNA data

specimens not available for sequencing