Taxonomic history

Coptodryas amydra Smith, Beaver & Cognato 2020 (in Smith et al. 2020b): 157.


1.9 mm long (n = 1); 2.71 times as long as wide. This species can be distinguished by the dense tuft of setae along the elytral base extending to interstriae 4; body glabrous except for pronotal and elytral bases; elytral discal striae punctate, interstriae impunctate; elytral disc and declivity shagreened; declivital face subconvex; declivital interstriae 1−4 costate, 5−6 subcarinate; posterolateral margin carinate to interstriae 7; pronotum basic (type 0) when viewed laterally, basic (type 2) when viewed dorsally; and anterior margin of the pronotum without a distinct row of serrations

May be confused with

Coptodryas carinata, C. concinna, C. elegans, and C. nudipennis



Host plants

unknown (Smith et al. 2020b)

DNA data

specimens not available for sequencing