Taxonomic history

Xyleborus mysticulus Cognato and Smith, 2019 (in Cognato et al. 2019): 1281.


2.2−2.5 mm long (mean = 2.38 mm; n = 5); 3.14−3.57 times as long as wide. This species is distinguished by declivital interstriae 1 laterally broadened from base to declivital midpoint then narrowing towards apex; discal interstriae that are two times the width of discal striae; discal strial punctures three times larger than interstrial punctures; declivital interstriae that bear both denticles, and granules, denticles on low tumescences giving the declivity a rugged sculptured appearance; declivital striae not impressed; declivital striae and interstriae that are difficult to distinguish; and posterolateral margin of declivity carinate to interstriae 7.

May be confused with

Xyleborus glabratus and X. insidiosus


Taiwan, Vietnam

Host plants

This species has only been collected from Machilus sp. (Lauraceae) (Cognato et al., 2019).

DNA data

Sequences available for COI and CAD.

COI: MK251510.1MK251516.1MK251511.1MK251507.1 

CAD: MK251534.1MK251529.1MK251528.1MK251525.1